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Mumbai, India

Alex & I had the desire to explore Mumbai mentally but Alex’s stomach was still too iffy to make the voyage out to Elephanta Island while my body still flet a little run down. Instead of heading out on a day trip, we search the world wide web before checking out a “free” art museum that opened at 11 that turned out to be an art gallery with a mishmash of pilfered artifacts taking less than 10 minutes to wander around.

Outside of the Jehangir Art Gallery, Alex watched 2 men few minutes prepare sugar cane juice and bought a glass once he confirmed it was theoretically safe to drink. This gave him enough energy to meander through the Modern Art Museum. Locals are charged 10R while foreigners are charged 150R for entry. Generally, I enjoy modern art museums when I am in a new country because I find it provides a window into the psyche of the people within it. The main exhibit was dedicated to South African Art.  Since we were in India and not South Africa, I left disappointment.

In Mumbai, finding good food does not require an extensive search for food. Alex & I found a small restaurant near the museum. As we were finishing our meal sipping on some chai, an Indian woman sitting at the adjacent table tried to engage Alex in conversation by firing a bunch of questions at him. Alex became annoyed and abruptly ended the interaction. Before I walked out, I gave the inquisitive Indian woman an “I’m sorry” smile.

It was nap time for Alex and quiet time for me to thumb through my Rough Guide to search for ashrams along our projected path. Before our journey, I told Alex I was open to doing anything on our journey as long as I could engage in 3 activities: ride an elephant as part of a trek in Northern Thailand, kayak whenever we had the opportunity and visit an ashram for 1 week in India. So far, Alex talked me out of going on the trek in Chang Mai and did his best to make the kayaking experience as miserable as possible while in Ha Long Bay.

When Alex woke up, I told him about the 3 possible ashrams in Kerala I wanted to look research further. I should not have been surprised when Alex had nothing positive to say while also chastising my desire to go. Why I am I allowing him to continue to treat me with disrespect? Every time he is like this I just want to leave. However, has not been all bad. We’ve had our fair share amazing moments together too. My parents have been married for over 35 years. Relationships can have rocky periods. I learned you cannot run away the first minute things get rough but the minutes are adding up. I’m trying to work through the issues, trying to compromise and keep the peace. However, I feel like I am compromising myself in the process. Running away is not an option I am taking at the moment. I am choosing to stand strong instead.

Throughout our trip, Alex & I have been eagerly exploring a vast external landscapes and cultures. In the process, I have been doing a lot of internal explorations and have the desire to dive deeper. The last item on my list: visit an Ashram in India will not be compromised nor crossed off. I will be spending a week in an Indian ashram to reclaim my calm, inner peace and explore within a solo journey I must take whether Alex decides to join or not.

Although we did not explore Mumbai extensively today, I at least felt accomplished at the end of the day I had explored my options awaiting me down the road.

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