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A Long Cramped Journey

Vietnam: HCMC-> Nha Trang

The bus from Cambodia to HCMC was nicer than the one we took for the 11+ hours to Nha Trang. The caravan had no toilet. The seats were ripped, dirty and cramped. We were packed in like sardines. The scenery was less than spectacular leaving HCMC. I put my nose into my new book: Robinson Crusoe.

At our last pee stop, we saw turkeys grazing along side the sea. An old man floated in the distance on a large round basket. The Vietnamese version of the Old Man in the Sea.

I feel exhausted. It is not due to lack of sleep, it is due to my Alex’s bipolar-like behavior. When I was a child, I loved roller-coasters. Unfortunately, I feel like I am reading one each day. There is no longer a question of if but what type? A smooth fast steel one? An old wooden bone jarring one? One that inverts and turns my life upside down? Coming into Vietnam, it is hard enough to deal with the emotions stirring within me by facing the remnants of a war inflicted by my country-men without also having to deal with his bullshit on top of it.

Looking in the mirror, I see my lips are an inflamed mess. This only occurs when I feel extremely stressed. This time the culprit is not trying to complete a crazy MBA caseload while looking for a new career. The culprit is Alex. I feel like a boat trying to move downstream only to be held back by a dragging anchor. I also feel as confined emotionally as in this cramped caravan.

After lunch, there was enough people to vacate the bus for me to get my own seat rather than feeling I was exchanging lap dances. The scenery changed as we rode along the coast. Mountains surrounded us as well as did the rice fields and cemeteries lining the highway. Some of the rolling hills reminded me of California’s wine country.

Wine can get better with age up its maturity. If Alex were a wine, I would spit him out due to the acidity. He has become more caustic over the past 2 years. He wants a submissive woman to dominate. Unfortunately for him, I am not that type of female. Shame on me for wanting to have a say in my own destiny. The hard part about wines, it is hard to predict the exact peak maturity date. Uncork the bottle and it can taste amazing. Uncork it too late and it can be a sad discovery. Even though the bottle has been aging for years, you need to pour it out and grab another bottle. After my Asian adventure ends, I think San Francisco is calling my name. It is close to wine country. Plenty of new wines to sample.

It has been a long journey. After nightfall, we make it to our destination in Nha Trang. Alex is as exhausted as me. We barely had enough energy to eat dinner around the corner from our guesthouse. Afterwards, we fell into bed and fast asleep.

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